Best potions to help you survive in Minecraft


Best potions to help you survive in Minecraft

There are many magical potions that can be made in Minecraft. Players must survive many dangers when they enter Minecraft. Players can fall to great heights or be killed by hostile mobs. Potions are a great way to counter these weaknesses.

Potions are magic liquids that a player can make in the game using various special items. These liquids can be used to help players survive, or cause damage to other mobs.

There are 28 potions available in Minecraft. Each one has a different effect. Here are the top 5 potions for Minecraft survival mode.

5) Fire resistance

Players should have fire resistance in their arsenal. Players can burn themselves and inflict severe damage when dealing with lava. Fire resistance potions are used to prevent players from inflicting any injury while they're still burning. Magma Cream is used to make fire resistance potion.

4) Night Vision

The Wild Update, which is coming in 2022 will make Minecraft extremely dark. A night vision potion is a way to help players see better. Night vision potion made from Golden Carrot

3) Slow fall

Players experienced vertical expansion in Minecraft's Caves and Cliffs update. Players were more likely to take fall damage as the caves and mountains got deeper. Slow falling is a potion that slows down falling speed. This can be used to prevent fall damage. Phantom Membrane can be used to make a slow falling potion.

2) Strength

To survive in Minecraft, players will always require power. Players will need all their power to defeat the Warden, which is coming in The Wild Update 2022. Blaze powder can be used to make a Strength potion that can deal more damage when mobs attack.

1) Harming

The harming is one of the most powerful potions to defeat hostile mobs. To ward off the Warden's hostile mob, players will need to have harming potions. You can make harming potions by mixing fermented spidereye, potion of healing, and poison.