Biome exclusive structures


Biome exclusive structures

There are many biomes in the vast Minecraft world. Each biome has its own unique features, such as temperature, vegetation, mobs, and so forth. Certain structures can only be found in certain biomes.

Structures are pre-generated buildings that often contain loot boxes. Players can find useful items by finding structures early in the game. Players can use biomes to locate certain structures.

This article focuses on structures that are only generated in certain Minecraft biomes.

Best Minecraft structures that are exclusive to biomes such as deserts, jungles, and others

5) Jungle temples

The jungle temples are one of the most rare structures in Minecraft. This structure is only available in Java Edition. Bedrock players will find jungle temples in bamboo jungles or bamboo jungle hills.

One puzzle and one trap can be found in jungle temples. Two loot chests can be found after solving the puzzle and escaping from the trap. These chests could contain valuables such as diamonds, saddles and enchanted novels.

4) Swamp huts

In Minecraft, swamp huts are the home of wicked witches. These structures are found in swamp biomes. Players can find a black cat and a witch in swamp huts. They are happy to be at ease doing their daily business. The witch can become hostile if a player approaches the home.

To create witch farms, players can make swamp huts. The largest loot table is available in Minecraft for witches, which can drop seven items.

3) Igloos

Igloos can be found in snowy biomes, just like in real life. Although they may appear simple, there could be a secret to their existence. Half of all igloos have a basement beneath the floor.

The basement is home to a zombie villager and an ordinary villager. For curing the zombified villager, players can find a splash potion that weakens and a golden apple.

2) Desert pyramids

Desert pyramids can only be found in Minecraft, as indicated by their name. You can find desert pyramids both in deserts or desert hills. The pyramid's center contains terracotta blocks.

The terracotta can be broken to reveal a secret chamber that contains four chests. The pressure plate at the chamber's center can be activated with TNT. To disable the trap, players can remove the pressure plate and loot the chests.

1) Woodland mansions

The luxurious homes of Minecraft villagers are called woodland mansions. These structures are rare and can be generated thousands of blocks from spawn.

Woodland mansions can only be found in dark forests or dark forest hills. These massive structures can be found with vindicators, evokers, and other common hostile mobs. You can also find hidden loot boxes.

A player should know the exact locations of specific structures if they want to locate them. To make it easier to find them, players should take note of their locations.