Impressive nether hub design


Impressive nether hub design

Reddit is a popular place to meet people with similar interests. Reddit's largest community is Minecraft, which has over 5.6 million members.

Reddit has many subreddits for players like r/Minecraft, r/Minecraftbuilds, r/technicalminecraft, r/minecraftseeds, etc. These subreddits provide a great place to ask questions and share memes as well as showcase your builds.

Reddit user, u/Gneiss_name, shared a stunning timelapse of their magnificent nether hub rising up from the bottom and crossing the nether ceiling. This amazing build was themed in the Nether realm.

u/Gneiss_name shared a timelapse in which OP (Original Poster), and their friend created a nether hub. It's a spiral structure that rises from the lava floor, and goes straight into the bedrock ceiling. Already laid the foundation for helical structures.

OP and his friend built the staircase with beautiful Blackstone bricks, polished deepslate blocks and polished blackstone tiles. They climbed the stairs above the bedrock ceiling. They cleared a large chunk of bedrock blocks to create a tall nether hub.

OP and his friend made small adjustments to the stairways by adding lighting, lanterns, and smoothing out surrounding blocks. They reached the roof and extended the central structure to create a platform for their nether portal.

After the portal was completed, OP and his friend built the rest. The bedrock roof was transformed into a stunning dome-shaped tower. OP's nether hub, is without a doubt, inspiring and impressive.


Reddit user u/Mystic invasion was impressed by OP's timelapse. OP likely used the replay mod for the cinematic timelapse. Redditor u/viograte adored the way OP used deepslate ores within the nether hub.

Reddit user u/ChellTabish questioned OP about how to conquer the fear of building within the Nether. This is the most dangerous biome because ghasts could spawn from nowhere and decimate your build. OP provided them with some tips on how to survive in the Nether.

Redditor u/Kizzmoon questioned OP about the time it took to build it. OP replied that it took them around five hours to build everything and 17 hours to remove the bedrock. Version 1.16 was used by OP to start the nether hub project.

What is a Nether Hub?

The Nether realm, a Minecraft-y version hell, is home to dangerous monsters, beautiful blocks, and scorching terrain generation. There is an exciting connection between the Nether realms and the Overworld.

A block in the Nether equals eight blocks in the Overworld. Many players use the Nether to travel further distances.

The Nether hub is the center of operations in the Nether realm. It often has a portal that guides you to other portals or farms in the Nether realm. Reddit user U/Gneiss_name has created a great nether hub, like many Minecrafters.