Minecraft Servers – Horror


Minecraft Servers – Horror

For those who enjoy spooky fun, Minecraft horror servers are the best choice. These servers feature a haunted environment, often with maps that include scary features like ghosts, jump scares, and creepy new mobs.

These servers are especially popular during Halloween.

Minecraft players should be aware of these 5 terrifying horror servers

5) Purple Prison

IP address: purpleprison.com

Purple Prison is based on the idea of a Minecraft prison planet in danger of being destroyed by an alien invasion.

This server allows players to navigate futuristic, but dangerous terrain. They can also earn money and fight other players to gain enough resources to escape the doomed planet.


IP Address: fnaf.serverminer.com

Fans of the FNAF series may be interested in FNAF RP. This Minecraft server is inspired by the FNAF universe.

FNAF RP is a highly-polished server that will provide a thrilling experience for horror fans.

3) Dead MC

IP Address: play.deadmc.com

Dead MC is a zombie survival server that offers an unparalleled Minecraft multiplayer survival experience.

Dead MC adds to the Minecraft survival challenges with bloodthirsty zombies. You can only survive the dark nights on this server if you work together. To defend, loot and ultimately triumph over the zombie population, players will need to work together.

2) Murder Mystery – Hypixel

IP Address: http://hypixel.net

Hypixel is Minecraft's most active and popular server. Hypixel boasts over 100,000 users at peak times. Perhaps Hypixel owes some success to Murder Mystery, its beloved horror minigame.

Murder Mystery is a horror board game for 16 players that involves 1 murderer, 1 detective and 14 innocents. The detective and the innocents must be killed by the murderer. Before the detective can catch him, the murderer must kill them. The detective's only job is to catch the murderer.

1) Mining Dead

IP Address: play.miningdead.net

Mining Dead, based on “The Walking Dead”, is an epic open-world desert set in a zombie-infested city.

Mining Dead was founded over seven years ago and has been a popular dedicated horror server in the multiplayer server scene. The server boasts over 30 unique kits and guns as well as vehicles and weapons. It feels like a full-fledged horror video game.